Sharon Constable Fertility


Hypnotherapist, and Fertile Body Method Accredited Therapist


Do you know how it feels to be lonely and sad?

- I do

Do you know how it feels to yearn for a child so much - it hurts?

- I do

Do you know how it feels to envy your friends happiness with their children?

- I do

Do you know how it feels to think you'll never be a whole & complete person?

- I do


I am Sharon Constable

I'm a highly trained Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer and a Fertile Body Method Accredited Therapist, based in West Central Scotland, covering East Kilbride, Hamilton, Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

I specialise in treatments designed to help women in issues surrounding fertility.

At the most emotional and vulnerable time that many women will ever face, I offer help and hope, comfort and support, understanding and hopefully solutions for:-

Fertility conception
IUI, ICSI, IVF or other fertility treatments
Premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve during pregnancy
Anxiety and stress
Grief and loss
Coming to terms with childlessness
Deciding on family building options
- egg donation, embryos or sperm, or surrogacy
- adoption, childless or child-free

I know I am extremely lucky as I have two beautiful girls who are my world. My passion in life is to now help those whose dreams of motherhood have yet to come true. I will do this through fertility coaching to help you find peace of mind in all areas of your life and increase your chances of success.

My own journey to becoming a mum was as difficult for me as it is proving to many of you who are reading this. I had many years of anguish, pain and failed attempts. So I know what you are going through and consequently my desire to help you comes from my heart as well as my head. I not only listen but I understand. I not only sympathise but I empathise with you.


It will be a pleasure to recommend you to any potential patient that we might have nearby where you work. It’s always very interesting to support patients in any way we can to better cope with this winding road that infertility always is.

Dr. Raúl Olivares Vela

Barcelona IVF


If you have fertility problems and would like to have a one to one session but do not live in my area, you can arrange to have telephone/skype coaching sessions instead of seeing me in person.